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State of Climate Services: Water

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More than 2 billion people are living in countries under water stress and 3.6 billion people face inadequate
access to water at least one month per year. Meanwhile, water-related hazards have increased in frequency for the past 20 years.

This multi-agency report, coordinated by WMO,  explores the state of climate services for addressing adaptation needs in climate-sensitive socio-economic sectors. The 2021 edition of the WMO State of Climate Services report focuses on water, an issue that is of great significance to communities in every corner of the globe, and that affects every economic sector. 

This latest report on the State of Climate Services, for water, explores the progress made by WMO Members in using climate services to address water-related challenges. The report highlights the gaps in user engagement, forecasting, observing networks, and data collection that still exist. The report also features data on the global status on implementation of Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM), collected by UNEP and UNEP-DHI.

A full length article and other report materials can be found here.

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