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Online course in Integrated Drought Management :
Monitoring and Early Warning

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Droughts have profound and underestimated impacts on societies, ecosystems, and economies, all of which are aggravated by climate change. Understanding drought is crucial to carry out  relevant measures and mitigate their effects.  

In partnership with Integrated Drought Management Programme (IDMP), Cap-Net UNDPWorld Meteorological OrganizationGlobal Water Partnership, and the Volta Flood and Drought Management project, the UNEP-DHI Centre has developed a new course : Integrated Drought Management: Monitoring and Early Warning.  

This course emphasizes a proactive approach through the three pillars of integrated drought management: monitoring and early warning, vulnerability and impact assessment, and preparedness, mitigation, and response.  

Participants will delve into key concepts, including drought definitions, life cycles, and common impacts. The course has a particular focus on monitoring and early warning systems, providing practical insights and demonstrating existing tools.  

The course provides participants with the knowledge to use indicators and indices that describe drought conditions and facilitate risk assessments. 

The course is made up of four modules:  

1.   Drought concept and risk management approaches

2.   Introduction to indices and indicators for drought monitoring

3.   Selecting relevant indices and indicators for your region

4.   Practical application of drought monitoring and forecasting tools 

Each module requires completion of multiple-choice questions to ensure a comprehensive grasp of the key materials. Engaging resources, including readings, videos, websites, and interactive forum discussions, enhance the learning experience.   

We invite  diverse stakeholders, including meteorological and hydrological experts,  climate service providers, water management professionals and policymakers to enroll in this self-paced and free course to enhance your skills in drought management.

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