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New online course : Integrated Water Resource Management for climate resilience

Climate change and water resources are intricately linked : rising temperatures intensify evaporation, altering precipitation patterns, and exacerbating the risk of droughts and floods. To ensure climate resilience, embracing Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) is crucial.  

In partnership with Cap-net UNDP, UN Environment Programme, UNEP Copenhagen Climate Center, UN Habitat, Global Water Partnership, UNDP, the UNEP-DHI Centre has relaunched the course : Integrated Water Resource Management for climate resilience.  

By adopting an integrated approach, participants will learn how to plan for climate-resilient measures in the water sector, utilizing various management and technology tools for adaptation and mitigation. The course offers practical examples and planning tools for implementing climate resilient IWRM, and  also explores financing sources. The goal is to equip practitioners with the knowledge and skills to implement sustainable water resource management that enhances climate resilience. 

The course is made up of five self-paced modules : 

    1. Water resources management for climate change adaptation and mitigation 
    2. Frameworks for action: from global to national 
    3. Integrated approaches to planning and management of water 
    4. Adaptation and mitigation technologies for increased water sector resilience 
    5. Financing sources 

Engaging resources, including readings, videos, websites, and interactive forum discussions, enhance the learning experience. Participants who complete the course will receive a certificate.  

After course completion, participants will possess the expertise to develop balanced interventions that ensure water security, development, and effective climate-risk management. 

We invite  diverse stakeholders, including SDG focal points, climate and water resources management professionals, and policy makers to enroll in this self-paced and free course to combine water management and climate action efforts.

This course is open until November 15, 2023.

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