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New water pollution management course now open

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UNEP-DHI has supported Cap-Net in preparation of a free introductory course on Water Pollution Management.

The course, designed for a range of water sector professionals and stakeholders, aims to create better understanding of the main drivers and impacts of water pollution, the role of ecosystems in managing water quality and strategic planning for pollution prevention and management.

The course will also look at how how SDG target indicators can be used to monitor and address the water pollution issues at various scales of governance. These elements are approached through an integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) perspective, with emphasis placed on the cross-sectoral and multi-stakeholder nature of pollution management.

This is a free, self-paced course containing 4 modules (approximately 12 hours).  Course participants will be able to interact with their peers in rich forum discussions to connect course contents with their experiences and challenges.

As of March 1, 250 vacancies are open to take this course. Enrolled participants must complete the course before June 15 in order to acquire the certification.

You can find more information on the course’s content and structure and register here.

–> A short video presenting the key aspects of the course :

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