Our professionals

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UNEP-DHI Centre staff consists of leading professionals with a diverse range of skills and experiences. UNEP-DHI Centre draws upon DHI’s technical expertise, across departments and geographies, on a flexible basis based on needs and demands. In a typical year, this results in approximately 30-40 DHI technical staff supporting the Centre’s work. 

Core staff

Joakim Harlin

Chief Manager of unep-dhi centre

Joakim Harlin leads the UNEP-DHI Centre, providing an important anchor to UNEP, as well as strategic direction. Joakim is a water resources and international development professional with a more than 30-year long career spanning the areas of international policy, business and organizational development, partnerships and all forms of water related projects. He holds Doctor and Master’s degrees from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. During his professional career he has held positions within research institutions, government agencies, private companies and since 2004 within the UN system (UNDP and UNEP).

Gareth James Lloyd

Deputy chief manager

Gareth James Lloyd is responsible for overseeing the implementation of the Centre’s work, as well as coordinating the Centre’s ongoing development, under the guidance of Joakim. He has degrees in environmental science and development policy from universities in the United Kingdom and Denmark, and has previously worked in software development in the private sector. 

Maija Bertule

Senior technical advisor

Maija holds a Master of Science degree in international development and environmental planning and policy. Her areas of expertise include climate change adaptation, integrated water resources management, nature-based solutions and strategic indicator use for assessments and monitoring of water resources and water ecosystems. At UNEP-DHI she is working with monitoring and reporting on SDG 6, marine litter and plastic pollution management strategies and decision-support tool development for climate change adaptation, including nature-based solutions.

Paul Glennie

Senior technical advisor

For 20 years Paul has been passionate about balancing the social, economic, and environmental demands on water and the environment. Paul supported the development of the SDG target and indicator on integrated water resources management, and now leads UNEP-DHI’s programme to support countries to work towards SDG Target 6.5 on water management. Paul’s other areas of expertise include technical and policy aspects of: climate change adaptation, transboundary cooperation, information management systems for sustainable development, and freshwater ecosystem management. Paul has a Masters degree in water resources management (University of Melbourne), and previously worked in flood modelling in Australia.

Lisbet Rhiannon Hansen


Lisbet has degrees in Geography and Human Security with a focus on sustainable development and climate change. She has experience managing a portfolio of transboundary water resource management projects in Sub-Saharan Africa, working with River Basin Commissions, Regional Organisations, Public Water Utilities and National Stakeholders to develop IWRM strategies and investment plans. At UNEP-DHI, Lisbet is working with projects, tools and knowledge products that promote action to achieve the SDGs. 

Torsten Bondo

Senior Business Development Manager

Torsten has a PhD in climate science/remote sensing and +20 year work experience from private industry, university and international organizations. In the UNEP-DHI centre he supports international development activities by developing new projects, establishing strategic partnerships, strengthening DHI water resource services and improving the collaboration between the centre and other UN agencies.

Per Bøgelund Hansen


Per has a degree in environmental engineering (MSc, DK, 1982) and has for nearly four decades been working with water resource management in Europe, Asia and not least Africa. He has advised national water resource authorities as well as transboundary river basin organisations within technical and institutional challenges related to water management and/or climate adaptation. He has supported Danida, Sida and UNEP in formulation and review of developing projects in both anglophone and francophone countries. Per has worked for DHI since 1997 and been part of the UNEP-DHI team since 2001.

Henrik Larsen


Henrik Larsen has a degree in environmental engineering and works with integrated water resources management, river basin planning, water quality management, and water-related information management systems, all mainly in developing countries in most regions of the world. Henrik has worked for the UNEP-DHI Centre for many years and also served as Chief Technical Adviser for the Mekong River Commission.

Isis Oliver

Programme advisor

Isis holds a master’s degree in Climate Change from the University of Copenhagen. She has specialised in climate adaptation, nature-based solutions, gender and governance. She has experience working on international development programmes in NGOs and institutions and has worked on projects promoting IWRM and nature-based solutions At UNEP-DHI she is working on SDG 6.5.1 and projects and tools to promote sustainable development. 

Ijiltsetseg Dorjsuren

student Assistant

Ijiltsetseg, or Ijka, holds bachelor’s degrees in environmental science and economics from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She is pursuing a master’s degree in Climate Change at the University of Copenhagen, with research interests in the physical climate system, climate models, climate policy and governance, and climate change impacts and adaptation. At UNEP-DHI, Ijka is providing support for the 2023 Global Data Drive for SDG Indicator 6.5.1 on the implementation of IWRM. 

Associated staff

Laura Comeau

Senior Water Resources Expert

Alexandra Murray

Water Resources Engineer

Christian Tøttrup

Senior Project Manager

Louise Heegaard

Partnerships and Funding Mobilisation Expert

Jens Kristian Lørup


Magdalena Komarek

Program manager- climate resilience

Kim Wium Olesen

Chief Engineer

Sílvia Leirião

Senior Project Manager

Bertrand Richaud

Project Manager

Oluf Zeilund Jessen

Vice President of International Development

Denise A. Devotta


Dusan Petkovic


Nisha Gill Hansted

Water resources engineer

Jannik Anthonj


Elbys Jose Meneses

Head of Digital Services

Daniel Druce

Remote Sensing Specialist

Jakob Luchner

Water Engineer

Antonia Kellner


Jesper Goodley Dannisøe

Senior Project Manager, Ecologist

Sophia Seitz-Rasmussen


M. Husna Prayoga

UI Graphic Designer