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Become a service provider in the Match! Water Solutions Portal

Earlier this year the Match! Water Solutions Portal (www.matchwatersolutions.com ) was launched with the aim of bringing together water practitioners facing challenges and solutions providers. Now over 300 companies are registered as Solution Providers, and users from over 70 countries have visited the Match! Portal. 

The Match! Portal provides information about the growing number of technical solutions that can be used to help address water challenges and identifies the companies and organisations around the world that can assist.  Solutions in Match! can be filtered by challenge and solution type, as well as geography. Also provided is general guidance on technology maturity, costs and implementation timeframe. If you are a solution provider, you are encouraged to add your organization’s details to Match! so information on your products and knowledge can be shared in a way that will help you expand your customers. There is no charge. Learn more here or watch the video to see how you can easily add your company details in just a few minutes by creating a new account!

As a user, once you have found your Match! you will be directed to the Solution Provider’s website, allowing you to find more information and to follow up directly. Match! has global coverage and is completely free and easy to use. Match! is constantly evolving, with new solutions being added all the time.

The partners behind Match! are UNEP-DHI Center, CTCN, UNEP DTU Partnership and IUCN. Together, they actively promote the solutions and technologies available to address water challenges and help countries progress towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Match! is a not-for-profit initiative that also includes nature-based solutions.


For more information please contact Ms. Lisbet Rhiannnon Hansen, Programme Advisor at the UNEP-DHI Center via LRHA@dhigroup.com

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