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2024 edition of online course: IWRM for Climate Resilience

Integrated Water Resources Management for Climate Resilience, developed by UNEP-DHI in partnership with Cap-Net UNDP, UNEP Copenhagen Climate Centre, UN-Habitat, Global Water Partnership and UNDP, is an online, free and self-paced course that offers five modules designed to help practitioners plan climate resilient measures in the water sector.

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New edition of online course on Integrated Drought Management

In partnership with Integrated Drought Management Programme, Cap-Net UNDP, WMO, GWP, and the Volta Flood and Drought Management project, UNEP-DHI developed an online course on Integrated Drought Management: Monitoring and Early Warning. It is designed to improve understanding of proactive integrated drought management and introduces available tools for drought monitoring and forecasting.

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New online course: Sustainable Lake Management

In collaboration with UNEP, Cap-Net UNDP, and ILEC, UNEP-DHI Centre is launching a new course on Sustainable Lake Management (SLM). This online, free and self-paced course offers five modules to improve the understanding of fundamental principles of SLM and to equip participants with tools to develop, implement and refine a participatory lake recovery plan that promotes the sustainable use of lake resources.

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