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Desertification and Drought Day 2022: Rising up from drought together

Drought is among the most destructive of natural disasters, leading to widescale crop failures, wildfires, and water stress. More than just the absence of rain, it is exacerbated by ongoing land degradation and climate change, and has been increasing in both frequency and severity over the past decades. 

By 2050, ¾ of the world’s population could be affected. It is urgent that we start preparing now to drought-proof our future.  

There are tools available to assess drought risk, just as there are by now numerous ingenious and collaborative solutions to address it. Working with the UN Convention to Combat Desertification, UNEP-DHI developed Monitoring and Early Warning tools for the UNCCD Drought Toolbox. These provide nearly real-time, freely available data for drought monitoring, and can be used to design better responses to drought. 

Visit the tool using the link below and watch the video demo to learn more about how to use the tool.

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