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Ending plastic pollution: initiatives and opportunities to inform action, investment and policies

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An internationally legally binding instrument to end plastic pollution might be in sight, presenting a historic opportunity towards plastic-free oceans. The scientific and investment communities can support this process and actions on the ground. On January 26, 2022, experts from UNEP-DHI, the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), the European Investment Bank (EIB), the Global Partnership on Marine Litter (GPML), and DHI met online to discuss the knowledge sharing, data and monitoring needs to enable action, investments, and policies to address marine litter and plastic pollution globally.


Welcome and opening remarks, Heidi Savelli-Soderberg (UNEP)

  1. Science to Policy activities of the Global Partnership on Plastic Pollution and Marine Litter, Carla Friedrich Medina (UNEP)
  2. Monitoring data in support of development and implementation of national plastic pollution action plans, Nicola Balbarini (UNEP-DHI)
  3. Results of The Clean Oceans Initiative to date and the Initiative´s ambitions for the future, Juan Bofill (EIB, The Clean Oceans Initiative)

QA with the audience

Closing remarks, Louise Heegaard (DHI)

You can now watch the video recording of the webinar.

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