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Flood and Drought Portal

The Flood and Drought portal enables users to access technical applications to support planning for flood and drought events. 

The data provided by the portal are near real time and can be explored by any geographic area (e.g. basin or country), based on global datasets. Automated reporting tools are also available.

Applications include Issue Analysis, Water Indicators, Data and Information, Drought Assessment, Crop Application, Flood Assessment, Basin Planning, Water Safety Planning, Robust Decision Making Tool.

The portal has more than 3000 users and has been applied in several river basins and countries, including Volta River Basin, Lake Victoria Basin, Chao Phraya River Basin (Thailand), Ghana. The Flood and Drought portal was developed as part of the Flood and Drought Management Tools project (FDMT).


Flood and Drought Portal

Read about the implementation of the tool in Ghana.

For more information on FDMT project, see project page.

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