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From COVID-19 to climate action in Francophone West Africa

Photo:  Roads flooded with water in the forests of Oussouye village in the Casamance region of Senegal (Photo: Xavier Llauger Dalmau/Shutterstock)

While the world’s attention was focused on COVID-19, environmental challenges like floods, drought, and deforestation in West Africa did not go away. A partnership formed to help respond to COVID-19 also helped countries develop skills to tackle climate crises. 

The Global Partnership worked with its partners to facilitate GIS training in Guinea, Togo, and Senegal. It also organized a three-phase capacity-building exercise on using the UNEP-DHI Flood and Drought Portal for environment monitoring. 

Government stakeholders from Guinea, Senegal, and Togo attended the training provided by UNEP. The exercise focused on training trainers so regional institutions could provide technical assistance to their country partners. 

A full length article on the initiative can be read here.

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