2030 SDGs

Advancing towards gender-sensitive water resources management

The concept of gender mainstreaming in water resources management is
not new, but we are not advancing at the pace we need. Why is that? A new report presents country experiences in mainstreaming gender considerations in their water management.

UNEP-DHI and the Global Water Partnership (GWP) are supporting countries to address gender-sensitive water management through the SDG 6 IWRM Support Programme. Today – the International Women’s Day 2021 – we are launching the report “Advancing towards gender-sensitive water resources management” for public comment. The report presents concrete examples of mechanisms and practices for gender mainstreaming, based on detailed interviews with 23 countries and input from all 185 countries that reported their progress on SDG 6.5.1 in 2020.

A webinar is coming soon to provide countries with the opportunity to workshop practical ideas for advancing gender mainstreaming in their own context.

To find out more about the report or webinar, see

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