2030 SDGs

Join a webinar on the role of Forest-Water Connections in achieving SDGs


UNEP is co-organizing – with CIFOR/ICRAF and the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) – a session of the World Forestry Congress in Korea (2-6 May) entitled “Forest-Water Connections to achieve the SDGs”. 

The session will focus on the contributions of water-centred sustainable forest management to achieving the SDGs – specifically, improving integration of water in forest management and how to maximize the outputs from the forest-water nexus at different scales and landscapes from the mountains to plains and rivers. The session will explore questions such as how forests provide water-related benefits, how we should manage them, and what kind of barriers need to be overcome.

The overall message from the session is that managing forests for water-related services, through inclusive and cross-sectoral collaboration, can contribute to achieving the SDGs and to addressing some of the world’s major challenges such as climate change and food and water insecurity. 

Date: 03.05.2022

Time: 11:00-12:30 Seoul time (04:00-05:30 CEST; 03:00-04:30 CET)

Location: Hybrid 

Registration link: XV WORLD FORESTRY CONGRESS (wfc2021korea.org)

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