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SDG Water Quality Hub

The SDG Water Quality Hub is designed to assist UN Member States reporting on the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) indicator 6.3.2, which tracks proportion of water bodies in a country with good ambient water quality. SDG indicator 6.3.2 is one of the three indicators for SDG 6, for which the United Nations Environment Programme is the custodian agency. It tracks progress towards SDG target 6.3, which aims to improve water quality of rivers, lakes and aquifers worldwide. 

The portal streamlines the reporting process, providing real-time feedback and insight into submissions, as well as information on available support. Countries can view and compare the latest water quality data at regional and global levels in order to prioritise action.  

Results from global data drives that successfully completed in 2017, 2020 and 2023 are available through the SDG Water Quality Hub, where national summaries, sub-national data and target values can be visualised through an interactive map. 

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