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Photo: 2021 Progress Report on IWRM in Asia Pacific/UNEP-DHI

The webinar follows up on the 2021 progress report on Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) in the Asia-Pacific region. Jointly developed by the Global Water Partnership and UNEP-DHI Centre, the report is expected to form the foundation for further regional collaboration in working towards full IWRM implementation by 2030. It is therefore supportive of the commitments made by Leaders of the Asia-Pacific region in the Yangon Declaration, whereby IWRM implementation in the region is to be facilitated and water-related SDGs and targets met. Ultimately, honoring these commitments is to help achieve water security for sustainable development in the region.

Apart from presenting the key results, findings and recommendations of the SDG 6.5.1 Progress Report in Asia-Pacific, the webinar will also give a platform to sharing the experiences of two countries, the Philippines and Georgia, in using IWRM monitoring and mainstreaming it for government processes.

The session will culminate with a panel of experts, including UNEP-DHI’s Paul Glennie, discussing a “call to action”: one encouraging the recognition amongst all those responsible for implementing IWRM that achieving SDG 6 (and implementing full IWRM by 2030) will require urgent action at all levels. The outcomes of the webinar are expected to contribute to shaping the 4th Asia Pacific Water Summit the following month.


Date: 2 March 2022

Time: 02.00 PM Tokyo Time / 12.00 Jakarta (1 hour)

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More information about this event and the speakers is available on the GWP webpage

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