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World Environment day 2023 : showcasing UNEP-DHI’s efforts to beat plastic pollution


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Each year, World Environment Day provides us with an opportunity to highlight our ongoing efforts to combat environmental challenges. This year, under the theme “Solutions to plastic pollution”, we are featuring our most recent contributions to combat this escalating crisis.

Plastic pollution is a pressing issue with far-reaching consequences. Plastics, being non-biodegradable, persist in the environment for centuries, posing risks to animals and degrading freshwater and marine ecosystems including rivers, lakes and oceans.

At UNEP-DHI, we are committed to address plastic pollution using innovative approaches and collaborative initiatives, that safeguard ecosystems and promote sustainable practices. Here are three ways that the Centre is providing solutions to plastic pollution:

  1. Providing accessible knowledge resources to support decision making: UNEP-DHI has been actively supporting the development of the Global Partnership on Marine Litter (GPML) digital platform since 2021. This open-access platform is being developed as a “one-stop-shop”, providing comprehensive resources, information and tools to countries, institutions and communities working towards tackling plastic pollution. By offering guidance and support based on science and best practice, the GPML Digital Platform empowers policymakers and practitioners to make informed decisions, exchange knowledge and implement targeted interventions.
  2.  Harmonizing different types of data from across the plastic life cycle: We support UNEP by coordinating experts and national authorities from across the plastic life cycle to gather global data on plastic pollution and find ways to ensure different types of data can interact. This is achieved through dedicated communities of practice.
  3.  Empowering decision makers to gain an understanding of the issue at both national and global levels: We provide capacity development in countries that are creating or implementing action plans and strategies to tackle plastic pollution, supporting them to implement interventions based on science and to monitoring progress. Most recently, we have supported Uganda, Mexico and Guatemala.

Through stakeholder engagement, provision of digital resources, data collection efforts, and capacity development initiatives, we continue to support positive change. Together, we can make a difference in combatting plastic pollution, protecting our ecosystems, and building a sustainable future for generations to come.

For more information on our work with plastics, contact Bertrand Richaud BER@dhigroup.com

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