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Support to the March 2022 UNEA resolution on sustainable lake management 

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Lakes are essential for maintaining the well-being of ecosystems and humanity, but they remain vulnerable to the impacts of the triple planetary crisis. The protection, restoration and better management of lakes can help the world combat the triple planetary crises. UNEP seeks to advance sustainable lake management at all levels, facilitate collaboration among Member States, and raise awareness of sustainable lake management at the global level.   

UNEP-DHI supports the work of UNEP in tracking progress and implementing the resolution on sustainable lake management that requests Member States to protect, conserve, restore and ensure the sustainable use of lakes. The primary source of information on the lakes’ resolution is the UNEP Lakes portal.  

UNEP’s Lakes portal provides information about the diversity of lake ecosystems, their importance for human development and planetary health, the interlinked threats they face, and initiatives that UNEP, its partners and you can undertake to help conserve, protect and restore them to their former glory. You can visit the portal to learn more about lakes.   

UNEP-DHI Centre’s contribution to sustainable lake management.

One of the most substantive contributions to date that UNEP-DHI has made is the Cascade portal, which presents an up-to-date picture of the status of the world’s lakes and reservoirs and their drainage basins. This is the first version. The ambition is to explore ways in which this tool can better support work to improve the management of lakes.

Use Cascade the check the state of lakes and reservoires around the globe

Another UNEP-DHI tool that can be used to support the sustainable management of lakes is the Freshwater Ecosystems Explorer that helps track, monitor and improve the health of freshwater ecosystems.  

UNEP-DHI is recently relaunched an online course on integrated water resources management (IWRM) for climate resilience to include learning materials about the lakes’ resolution. Lakes are an important part of water resources (90 per cent of all unfrozen surface fresh water is contained in lakes) and can be linked to countries’ IWRM plans.

In the coming months, the information on this page will be expanded. Stay tuned! 

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