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UNEP-DHI co-hosting a session at the World Water Forum

The World Water Forum will take place physically in Dakar between 21-26 March under the theme “Water security for peace and development”. On the first day, UNEP-DHI will co-host a session on “Financing our future: shared funding mechanisms for managing shared water resources”

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Asia pacific

Take part in the Asia Pacific Water Forum Webinar

The 13th Asia Pacific Water Forum Webinar is approaching. On March 2nd, those interested in the progress towards achieving water-related Sustainable Development Goals in Asia-Pacific will be able to hear of the main advances and recommendations for the region.

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Wetlands: the unsung heroes of the planet

Wetlands are some of the planet’s most important ecosystems. They’re a haven for wildlife, they filter pollution and they’re important stores of carbon. But they’re also one of the Earth’s most threatened habitats.

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Data, adaptation and finance key to managing flood risk

United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and partners have been working to help lessen the impact of flooding in countries around the world. More accurate and reliable data are helping to pinpoint risks and UNEP-DHI’s Flood and Drought Portal, is helping to make the necessary data accessible to water authorities.

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