Why UNEP-DHI Centre is an increasingly key UNEP freshwater partner

The UNEP-DHI centre is a long-term partner of the United Nations Environment Programme, providing cutting-edge technical expertise to aid the implementation of Sustainable Development Goal 6 on water. Gareth James Lloyd, the centre’s deputy Chief Manager, explains how UNEP-DHI came to being, and why it’s work on freshwater ecosystems is critical for UNEP.

The interlinked threats facing lakes and why we need to protect them

Lakes are invaluable to human and ecosystem health. They contain 90% of the planet’s surface freshwater, provide a home to wildlife, sustain livelihoods, and mitigate climate change. However, due to climate change, pollution, and other factors, the extent and health of lakes worldwide is declining rapidly. Sustainable management of lakes must be part of the solution.

2021 Status Report on the Implementation of Integrated Water Resources Management in the Arab Region

This report assesses progress made on IWRM implementation in the Arab region based on country surveys submitted in 2017 and 2020. Through analyzing four fundamental dimensions of IWRM, the report identifies areas of progress and priority areas for accelerating full implementation.